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Ever wonder whether vampires are real?

If not, this new, riveting, edge-of-your-seat Vampire Romance/Thriller will have you guessing for sure.

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About Samantha E. Johnson

Samantha E. Johnson is a professional writer/novelist with a degree in Psychology, and a lifelong interest in the Occult, and Supernatural. 
She has been featured across the nation in News Magazines such as The Times, The Daily Herald, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, South Carolina Magazine, Honolulu News Now, Florida News Reporter, Austin Online, Alaska News Desk, East Coast Sentinel, The Morning Lead, The News Bee, Digital Journal, The Chronicle Journal, The Statesman Examiner, Buffalo News Online, Arizona Central, Sacramento News Online, and many more for her debut/breakout Novel... She writes fiction novels as a hobbyist, and eternal dreamer- and resides with her family in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Most of her best writing and concepts take place on a plane, train, passenger seat of a swiftly moving vehicle, in the window of a hotel room, in a field of foliage, or lying on a mountain of blankets in bed, sipping a can of Diet Coke.

She loves to transport her readers to a world of bold, heroic protagonists, endearingly flawed damsels and dudes, and to a place where each character is felt to be almost as real as you and I, both strong and complex, and simply nothing short of magical.

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Those that have previewed the novel have been calling Samantha Johnson the next “Anne Rice!”

“Critics are raving that this book is being pre-ordered at a higher rate than any book in recent history.”


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