New Editorial Review from Fiction Addiction today!

Hi all! I’m so honored to share the editorial review I received today from So happy and grateful that this book was so well received! Thank you all for the kudos and the rave review! :))

It can be seen here:

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Hey guys!

Welp! Officially one week has passed since the launch of Book One of the Unholy Inheritance series, and I’m over the Moon to share that we’re off to an AMAZING start!

The debut novel of this series is reaching readers across the globe at the speed of Vampire! 😉

However, since I Always choose the route of self-publishing, there are a few glitches and/or Monster hiccups at the beginning of a launch. So far, Unholy Inheritance has climbed the ranks all on her own, from a humble entry on Kindle last week, to the top 150 in the Paranormal Genre Fiction Category, to the top 200 in Occult Horror, and Occult fiction. But as per usual, though hundreds of my readers have gone on to submit reviews, there have been delays in their post to the bottom of the listing page- due to the influx.

So, though there be few reviews to go by at the moment, I’ve been assured that this typical (albeit expected, but unfortunate) lapse in their public display will be rectified shortly. Then! You’ll all be able to see what other readers think of the story.

For now, I’ll be sharing samples and excerpts/sneak peeks into the life of Mimi, and will be updating my “Meet The Characters” page next week, so you’ll learn more of each character’s backstory, personality traits, flaws, and their strengths, as well as find a few sketches of each of them, to put a face with the names . 🙂

Lastly– Not sure whether you have seen it online just yet, BUT- 3 subscribers will be randomly selected to recieve a signed Hardcover of the Limited First Edition of my new book, Unholy Inheritance, so don’t forget to subscribe! The winners will be notified via email on 7-13-2022, (aka: The Full Buck Moon.)

Stay tuned!

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“I cried, and I moaned. The unfamiliarity of rage mixed with sexual tension, and want, was almost too much to bear. Please! I begged internally for the torment to just end, for him to be merciful, and prayed that if he were going to kill me, that he act swiftly.”

“Look into my eyes,” he commanded, as he drew nearer to my face than ever before. I closed my eyes as quickly as I’d heard him mutter the words, wondering whether it was some form of trickery, but felt an uncontrollable draw to meet his gaze with my own. “

“It was as though we were like lodestones, magnetic, suspended in midair with an intrepid force pulling us to collide.”

“What was happening to me?”

-excerpt from Unholy Inheritance- Book One.

This is a teaser from my book, where Mimi has her first romantic encounter with Peitr, her maker.

Pick up your copy of the New Release- “Unholy Inheritance” to find out what happens! 🙂

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Hi all!

Welcome to my personal blog page, where I’ll be connecting with you to include new information regarding my series, Unholy Inheritance, coming to shelves and sites near you this month! I’ve been working diligently on providing you with an entertaining, endearing, and imagination stimulating collection of Fantasy/Thriller/Romance/Horror tales, taking place from the shadows of olde world America, to the present on a global scale, and would Love to hear your feedback once you’ve picked up a copy of my new novel, Unholy Inheritance Book One.

I’ll be responding directly to consumers, answering any questions you may have regarding the story, its characters, and about future publications periodically. Please feel free to send an email.

I love hearing from my readers! 🙂

Stay tuned for more romance, suspense, and mystery!